Bamboo Bio Oil

What is Bamboo Bio Oil?

Bamboo can be converted to bio-oil through the process of pyrolysis. During this thermochemical process the biomass is converted to a liquid, solid and gaseous fraction in the absence (or limited presence) of an oxidising medium (such as oxygen, large amounts of which would cause gasification and combustion processes. Since the liquid phase is more readily stored and transported and because it has a greater energy content per unit of volume compared to raw biomass or the other fractions, the pyrolysis process is usually optimized for the production of as much bio-oil as possible.

Because of the short residence time this type of pyrolysis is called “Fast Pyrolysis”. The oil needs to be separated from the char fraction as fast as possible, to avoid unwanted secondary reactions for which the char acts as a catalyst.


  • Water Soluble for agricultural application
  • Insecticide
  • Liquid carbon with Enzyme