Wena Bamboo Bio Oil – For Healthy Soil

Wena Bamboo Bio Oil – For Healthy Soil

WENA BAMBOO BIO OIL is identified pyrolysis technology of capacity 1 MT per day which will produce 350 kgs of Bamboo Pyro Oil. We produce high value bio oil for competing with eventually replacing non-renewable fossil fuel. The best use of this is for Healthy soil.

  • Bamboo Plant Fertilizer is easy to use liquid formulation that feeds instantly.
  • The advanced nutrients for plants are extremely effective and safe for weekly feeding.
  • Expect 50% better growth and healthier greener plants than unfed ones also help in developing resistance against pests and diseases.

Pyrolysis oils can be further processed in “bio-refinery”, very similar to the current crude oil refinery process, to produce bio-fuels and other useful chemical products.




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