Interesting Facts

10 Interesting Facts about Bamboo

  • Bamboo is considered one of the fastest growing plants in the world their average growth can be 30 to 100 mm in one day.
  • Bamboo is stronger than steel as bamboo tensile strength is more than Steel.
  • Bamboo plants have the highest tolerance levels in the world , and they were the first plants to re-green after the deadly Hiroshima nuclear bomb attack in 1945.
  • The bamboo plant gives off 35% more oxygen than other plants and takes in more carbon-dioxide than other plants, and this makes it the most valuable air purifier.
  • Bamboo helps in soil preservation.
  • Bamboo cools the environment compare to other plants. The area can be 15% cooler than other places which can save the overall globe humidity.
  • Bamboo has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.
  • Bamboo have a lifespan of up-to 120 years, and there are 1,575 bamboo species on the planet identified up to date, 400 of those species are found exclusively in china.
  • A Panda’s diet is 99% made up of Bamboo shoots , Poles and leaves around 12-38 kg every day. Panda’s only eat 42 species out of more than 1500.
  • Bamboo rarely flowers and seeds, only about every 100 years or so. When it does, every plant of that same species seeds at the exact same time across the globe!