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Welcome to Wena Farmers

Wena Bioscience Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 2021. Five partners founded a Agripreneur Company for the farmers, to create awareness about Bamboo Faming. The company is formed by the experienced team in Agriculture, Marketing, Finance & Engineering sector.

Today we have our own 60 acres of own Bamboo plantation at village Kopra, Wardha District. Wena Bioscience has cultivated / contracted bamboo cultivation of more than 250 acres in the Wardha District. We are intend to facilitate corporates, Educational Institutes, Industries to Scientifically cultivate Bamboo in the available land bank and to provide training in latest Bamboo farming Zero Waste stage Technology.

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To Promote Bamboo Plantation and Look Bamboo as commercially cultivated crops in India and bring into the limelight commercially feasibility of Bamboo by means of modern technology of cultivation for higher productivity.


We always keep customer as our primary focus while generating employment and growth opportunities for Farmers.


The main objective of the WENA BIOSCIENCE PVT. LTD. is to double the Farmer Member Income by employing Modern Technology, Marketing techniques & to promote BAMBOO – THE GREEN GOLD.